Basic InformationEdit

Chef Kevin, The Chef, or simply Kevin, is a man with godly cooking abilities. He gained these abilities through unknown means, but is able create any food item while recording a video. The iconic music immediately begins to play at the beginning of the video, as he says "What's cookin' my dudes?!" which may or may not be a hypnotic spell designed to entice people into watching further.
The Chef's Abilities
Ability Description
Teleportation Chef Kevin holds up two fingers in a peace sign sort of fashion, and a loud sound is emitted from an unknown source. He fades away, and fades back in somewhere else.
Cookin' (Cookin') is the name of the cooking abilities the chef has been shown to master. He can summon any food item at will, as well as make a usually non-edible object into food.
Chef Kevin can force a montage to occur at will, music will play from an unknown source, and the colors of reality will change temporarily.

These are the abilities the Chef has been shown to possess, but he may have more tricks up his sleeve.


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